On 09.02.2018 23:08, Marcus wrote:
Am 08.02.2018 um 00:32 schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
Peter Kovacs wrote:
I would like to propose that we apply Agile development methods as much as we can.
it depends what you mean with agile.

IMHO forget Scrum as we are not the community to get a commitment for this.
Why? What does our community do not like about scrum?
We do not like the Values of scrum?

Or maybe we do not like the pillars?
Transparency, Inspect and adapt?

Agreed, I think we can not use SCRUM in the same way Companies do, too. But I think we can use the Idea of scrum to work together and to simplify our work. What would you use to make our work simple? Why do you think Ordering our Bugs in a List and add details to them will not bring us forward?

Kanban would be nice.
I take this as a success!! :-D
One step forward. Thousands more to go.
So where you would establish the board? - Use trello? Confluence? (Nooooo.... ;) ) Jira has a Backlog and a Kanban board integrated which I am told are very easy to use (Drag & drop I hope...)

At the end it's a bit problematic for us with the attributes of volunteers, their unpredictable working time (time to work on OpenOffice tasks) and the number of volunteers.

However, we should try to keep it simple as Product Backlop, Product Owner, Tasks, Sub-Tasks, Jira, Confluence etc. would be much too much complexity for us when doing/using all of them.
Maybe I have learned a total different scrum then you did? - Agile does not mean to use everything like a fixed ruleset. To me SCRUM is a template to start with It just tells us what prooved to be working well. But How and what we can use from the framework, is up to us.

Again. Only Product Backlog, Product Owner, and a Kanban board are on the table as to be used. And I do only want the Product owner so we have some steward for the list. I am totaly fine with a Release Manager looking into it. I have not explained to maximize Value and Output, since I do not believe we do need to maximize Value and Output, since we are Open Source Volunteering Community and not OpenSource Commercial Product. Small but important difference not to forget. (If we get OpenSource Comercial part, we have to make sure they can spend their energy on maximizing Value. ;) )

You agree?

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