Migration would be done by infra. They wrote up everything need to know:


Again, it is not about the tool it is about the workflow. I would like to have a Kanbanboard, to get transparency what is worked on, who can I approach if I have a volunteer to work together. New Volunteers need someone they can follow.

I want to have a Backlog to define what is important to do next, and to fill the detailed steps together what we need to do. Maybe we could together fill out so much detail, that it is easy for everyone to start on the topic.

That is the original proposal. I know that Jira is _the_ industry tool to this. Every major professional major Project uses Jira. It would not be so popular if it would not have a certain quality.

I know that you complained onec there are so many differnt links to note and tools that we have in our arsenal.

Jira could be reduce the lot. Thats why I think it is convenient.

BTW. If we start using Kanban, I will reach out to the one Volunteer who volunteered and loves Kanban if want to have a try with us, we are now following his way (more or less...) Maybe he jumps at it.

We had another Volunteer who said: tell me what to do I do it. But I do not have the interest to figure it out on my own. We can currently not use these people. With Backlog and Board we can.

That would mean 2 more developers. Propably. Maybe they quick because it is frustrating to build OpenOffice. *ROFL*

On 09.02.2018 23:05, Marcus wrote:
I would prefer to avoid the upheaval of switching to a different issue tracker if at all possible.


Jira is just another tool that wouldn't bring us any nearer to closed issues. BTW, start new? Then you would trash all old issues which isn't a good thing. Move them over to Jira? Great, who is the volunteer to do the migration? ;-)

But Confluence can bring us some overview. We can structure similar BZ issues to packages and then we can work on them.

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