Am 09.02.2018 um 01:19 schrieb Patricia Shanahan:
On February 8, 2018, at 5:51 AM, Peter Kovacs <> wrote:

# Start spreading knowledge in our development team.

1) I would like to propose a Product Backlog / OIL (OpenIssue) List
to priorize Issues we need to work on. The most Valueable item comes
to the top, the least to the bottom. What Value exactly is is up to

Theoretically, we have a list of issues in Bugzilla with target 4.2.0.
Validating them all and/or setting targets will basically give you
what you wish. I think Bugzilla has some concept of an issue weight
that would more or less allow to prioritize issues with the current
tooling, so this can be done. At least, once we agree on list on a
series of "must-haves" for 4.2.0, these could be turned into something
similar to your backlog.
Maybe we should not discuss tooling now. I think in the end it has to
work. Jira is mostly a convenient choice. But we can think of all other
sort of combinations. (However we have already a lot of Tools.So I would
rather try to reduce those. We can try Bugzilla, but i do not want to
start modifying Bugzilla in order to get what we need.

I would prefer to avoid the upheaval of switching to a different issue tracker 
if at all possible.


Jira is just another tool that wouldn't bring us any nearer to closed issues. BTW, start new? Then you would trash all old issues which isn't a good thing. Move them over to Jira? Great, who is the volunteer to do the migration? ;-)

But Confluence can bring us some overview. We can structure similar BZ issues to packages and then we can work on them.


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