You might have a decent shot of getting volunteers to map this if you
create a Maproulette challenge. I imagine the roads are sparse, and spread
out of a larger area. So turn them into individual objects, which can be
mapped in little time. For example, from a few dozen to a few kilometer
long sections of a single road. Or perhaps a few adjecent roads. These
become individual microtasks in Maproulette. You might split them up per
country and get in touch with several local communities. These tasks are
rather fun to do (especially if your pre-processing is good) so you might
actually get some work done.

As for "how to recrute paid mappers", I'm not sure. I know Kaart and
Telenav do similar work, so they might be interested. Here's some
activities that follow the "organized editing guideliness", and hence have
a record in "activities". Note that many of these are not commercial.

Op ma 27 mei 2019 om 11:53 schreef Ajay Singh1 via dev <>:

> Hi Marc,
> Sorry for the late reply but I meant that are there any mappers whom I can
> hire to get the mapping done as there are thousand of roads to be mapped?
> On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 10:40 PM marc marc <>
> wrote:
>> Le 20.05.19 à 19:03, Ajay Singh1 a écrit :
>> > I can just upload and someone else will make roads by looking at that
>> trace.
>> of course.
>> but since there is no api for a contributor to download
>> the unprocessed traces, it is like hoping that someone else will do
>> all the work again that you have done of detecting that these traces are
>> missing ways in osm
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