My data quantifier concept tool does use OSM authentication for logins and does 
not edit OSM data ( ( ).

I never read anything where it said that OSM-auth was only for editing. So I 
have worked on the assumption that the answer would be yes, you can piggyback.

-- Jói / Stalfur
1. ágúst 2019 kl. 11:58, skrifaði "Nick Whitelegg" < 

        I'm just asking something which was raised as an issue in my Gitlab 
repository for OpenTrailView ( 
(; fully FOSS 360 panorama site which uses OSM 
ways to connect panoramas together). 

        The person who raised the issue requested that OSM logins be used on 
OpenTrailVIew rather than (as currently) its own login system. I suspect the 
reason is security-related as it allows users to use an existing trusted 
authentication system. 

        As OpenTrailView does not include provision for editing OSM data, I 
suspect the answer is no - but is it acceptable for third-party OSM-related 
sites which do not edit the data to 'piggyback' on OSM's authentication system 
like this? 


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