No, actually I was asking: is it possible to create a separate repository for 
an INSTALLER? Something like "incubator-openwhisk-install" 

There is a lot of confusion how to install OpenWhisk and multiple separate 
repositories. I think the docker-compose, the kubernetes installer, the dcos 
and the vagrant file should be collected in a single place. Then work from 
there to create an installer. I really believe you should be able to install 
openwhisk without having to install ansible or vagrant for example. I have as a 
model tools like kops, docker-machine or minikube. 

I discussed with Rodric about this problem and he basically agree. 
So, once done with the Go actions (I am 99%) I will try to work on this problem.

  Michele Sciabarra

On Thu, Apr 12, 2018, at 11:44 AM, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Hi,
> About this question from the tech interchange notes:
> > Michele: is there poss. to create a separate a project that describes all 
> > repos/projects (help manage)?
> FWIW in Sling we have which is
> built from an XML file generated at
> . No automatic
> regeneration of that XML file so far, but updates to it are picked up
> whenever the Sling website is built.
> The relevant code is here - using Maven + JBake and not Jekyll, so FWIW:
> downloads the 
> XML file
> builds the web page
> I suppose this could be adapted for OpenWhisk.
> -Bertrand

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