Hi Julian,

a strong +1 for keeping it here. For the raw socket stuff I think I had even 
added the "raw-socket" module to "utils" which should become a netty transport 
you could use outside of PLC4X.
And then a "plc4j-protocol-driver-base-raw-socket" which sort of is the glue to 
bring that module into our world. 
I think the directory structure could use some cleaning up, but how about doing 
it that way for the serial stuff ...

Create the PLC4X agnostic library in "utlils" and update the existing 
plc4j-protocol-driver-base-serial module to use that.

Of course, if an external project wants to use it, they can and it's a little 
group-id fame for Toddy.


Am 14.08.19, 11:54 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <j.feina...@pragmaticminds.de>:

    Hi all,
    As some of you may know (not sure if it was on the list) I hacked together 
a bridge between Netty 4 and Serial Port connectivity.
    I opened a discussion on the (somehow inofficial and half-deprecated) Netty 
dev list and already got a response from Norman (main maintainer of Netty, I 
think), see [1].
    They would prefer to have the code not there (I would prefer to have it 
there) so I will create a module in PLC4X to host it there for now.
    Although it could even be in a separate repo (bc it could be used by others 
then PLC4X) its easiest to have it here with LEGAL and all that stuff (than in 
a separate repo of mine or so).
    Any comments or objections (other than if I look at the raw sockets impl) ?
    PS.: Yes Chris, I’ll look at raw sockets when I’m done with that :P
    [1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/netty/VkuE-IbURvc

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