Hi Julian,

I agree, that having the netty team support that, would be the best option, but 
as far as I understood you, they don't want to. So I thought that option would 
be off the table.
I thought the options on the table were:
- You Maintain and Release it outside of Apache
- We create a dedicated repo and handle it there (Perhaps as sub-project)
- We build something that is just usable in PLC4X and have it as part of the 
- We build something that's also generally usable and in addition add the glue 
to integrate it into PLC4X and have both in the project

And I am in strong favor of the last option.

If the option of the Netty project hosting, maintaining and releasing it isn't 
off the table, then I'm in +1000000 for going down that path.


Am 14.08.19, 12:07 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <j.feina...@pragmaticminds.de>:

    Hi Chris,
    the main reason for me to "give it away" is the maintenance of the module.
    As we did not shine in the past for our in-depth expertice of netty (not 
looking at someone here...) it is a bit wanky and always in the danger of 
becoming "abandoned" : )
    Am 14.08.19, 12:04 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>:
        Hi Julian,
        a strong +1 for keeping it here. For the raw socket stuff I think I had 
even added the "raw-socket" module to "utils" which should become a netty 
transport you could use outside of PLC4X.
        And then a "plc4j-protocol-driver-base-raw-socket" which sort of is the 
glue to bring that module into our world. 
        I think the directory structure could use some cleaning up, but how 
about doing it that way for the serial stuff ...
        Create the PLC4X agnostic library in "utlils" and update the existing 
plc4j-protocol-driver-base-serial module to use that.
        Of course, if an external project wants to use it, they can and it's a 
little group-id fame for Toddy.
        Am 14.08.19, 11:54 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" 
            Hi all,
            As some of you may know (not sure if it was on the list) I hacked 
together a bridge between Netty 4 and Serial Port connectivity.
            I opened a discussion on the (somehow inofficial and 
half-deprecated) Netty dev list and already got a response from Norman (main 
maintainer of Netty, I think), see [1].
            They would prefer to have the code not there (I would prefer to 
have it there) so I will create a module in PLC4X to host it there for now.
            Although it could even be in a separate repo (bc it could be used 
by others then PLC4X) its easiest to have it here with LEGAL and all that stuff 
(than in a separate repo of mine or so).
            Any comments or objections (other than if I look at the raw sockets 
impl) ?
            PS.: Yes Chris, I’ll look at raw sockets when I’m done with that :P
            [1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/netty/VkuE-IbURvc

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