A very minor issue I noticed the new web site example has a number of copyright 
2017 notices be good to update them to 2018. It also contains links to assets 
on http://royale.codeoscopic.com they should probably be replaced with to links 
to http://royale.apache.org or relative links to local assets?

I also notice that google search has picked up content on 
http://royale.codeoscopic.com and http://www.royalesdk.org domains. This may be 
a little confusing brand wise for users searching for the project. It's also 
picking test pages and the like from http://royale.codeoscopic.com and pages 
with text like "Dicat scripta percipit vim in, vidit atomorum cum cu.” I 
thought trademarks asked to have http://www.royalesdk.org redirect to 
http://royale.apache.org? Currently it’s still redirecting to 


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