> No, because the point was to copy something published in 2017. 

OK I won't raise a PR but you or another committer still may want to fix this 
at some point.
IMO You are publishing it (by voting on the contents of the release and putting 
it up n the mirrors) now and  that's happening in 2018 so that would make the 
content copyright 2018. If you look at the date he code was committed to the 
repo that was also 2018. If you copy a work and modify it then the year of 
copyright of that new work is the year of it's public publication not when it 
was created or the year of publication of the previous work. IANAL but this 
seems to explain it clearly. [1]

> LICENSE nitpicking should be done on the commits. 

I am not a committer on this project, while I watch the commits and help where 
I can but I'd suggest it’s the other committers and PMC members on this project 
who have that responsibility. Also this has nothing to do with the LICENSE file.

> But you still have to understand context before creating FUD.

I calling FUD on your FUD :-) As I’ve said several times now this has no impact 
on the release. I'm sorry but I have not idea why you are trying to make this 
an issue when it could be simply and easily fixed and has no impact on the 
current release vote, which you noticed has passed. Again this was just 
something I noticed up as part of of my normal release process of checking a 
release of which I've done 100s of times now.


1. https://www.copyrightlaws.com/copyright-notice-year/

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