> I only found one copyright.  Where are the others?

There’s 2 in the ASFCopyrightAttributionAndLinks.as file I believe. Might be 
another I would need to double check.

Found via:
find . -type f -exec grep "2017" {} \; -print

> Is it just coincidence that you look for this stuff when we start a release? 

I was looking for copyright lines as part of my license check (find . -type f 
-exec grep -i “copyright" {} \; | sort -u) and come across it that way, I 
generally do a search for copyright lines and compare to the previous release 
to see if anything been added.  I’m sorry I missed it in the commits, it was 
just a couple of lines in a 4000 odd line commit email. [1] Like I said it's a 
very minor issue and there's no reason it should hold up this release.  I just 
mentioned it as it probably something that needs fixing even though it is a 
trivial thing. Do you want me to make a pull request to fix the issue?



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