Hi Alex,

I think I must explain why I don't follow your suggetion of using println,
so you understand me and my own situation.

First, I don't know too much about the compiler part, so don't know in
which class I must put that print.
(in the end, if you want contributors like me make this you must provided
more info since I don't not exactly what you want from me to do)
then I don't have my environment setup for java debugging. In the end, my
day-by-day work doesn't requiere too much coding anymore
since I'm managing a company and this makes me to use docs, sheets and
other managing tools, and be part of the day off in meetings,
comercial task, talking with customers, employees, providers...and in the
end, in whatever I could be required to make things "flow".

So I really enjoy contributing to Royale, and for this reason I try to get
times here and there to work on things for royale.
But I can't do things I'm not prepared to, maybe because is not my area of
expertise, or it will make so difficult to me that will make me invest
huge amount of time I don't have.

It's like if I require you to do things in other areas that you don't use
to touch and doesn't have tools right now installed, or doesn't have the
exepertise, maybe
you could end doing, but the problem is how much time you must invest to
learn what I requiere you to do, and how many things have to install and
try to end with the
expected result

Hope you understand that. Is not that I don't want to do that, it's a mix
of not knowing what to do, and where to do,
and be not prepared to do what you are proposing.

Having said that I'll try today to make another cleaning of things and try
again to rebuild all to see if this work, since the problem seems to be on
my part.
If I don't get it to work, I'll assume that something in royale is not
working properly for 100% of cases, maybe some maven config or whatever that
given a concrete situation in devs machine make it work in unexpected way
(wich are bugs very difficult to find).

I'll keep you informed as I get all cleaned and rebuild

2018-02-21 23:47 GMT+01:00 Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.invalid>:

> Carlos, I'm using a Mac.  We've seen it work now on two computers with
> different operating systems.
> For the 4th time:  Did you try the System.out.println test?
> -Alex
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