since I'm on Mac I was blind to Microsoft browsers.
I was testing mainly with Chrome (since is the most used) and Safari (since
is what I use to use).
I have installed Firefox, but I was not testing in a day by day basis.
Never used Opera and Yandex since I doesn't think as relevant

For me Browserstack is mostly to test IE11 and Edge, and I found that while
Edge has some issues (and Firefox too), both can be fixed for Jewel

But the surprise was IE11.... this browser is not even near of what it
should show, so taking into account that IE is facing its extinction I
don't think I should
put hours in make that browser work at all. For me IE is the piece of
software we should help to be death and buried, since if it's not capable
of rendering
just a simple button right without lots of hacks, don't want to imagine
what other horrors it deserve to us in this journey.

It's clear that today IE11 has still an important demographic, but in a
year I expect to be cut in favor of Edge that is the MS bet for the future.
For me it's not aceptable to need lots of work for only one browser (an
version), when users have Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Yandex and
even more

To see what I refer I think you should take a test of JewelExample in
different browsers. All behaves more or less the same. I see some issues in
Edge and Firefox
to fix, but if you see the example in IE11 you will literally cry...

So what do you think?

Carlos Rovira

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