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2018-04-08 7:53 GMT+02:00 Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.invalid>:

> Hi Carlos,
> I think you missed my point and main question.  The question is: Does MDL
> and Bootstrap support IE?  If so, then they have found a way to customize
> Button.

MDL supports IE10-11 and in some way IE9

>   Seems like we should be able to do the same, but maybe it won't
> be the Jewel theme.  It might be something else, maybe folks who need IE
> should just use our MDL support.
MDL is an option but I think people coming to Royale will not come to use
MDL but
to use a full royale UI set that can have it's own way to show things with
different faces, styles and skins.
Or at least I don't see us getting an space in actual front-end tech out
there as an MDL-facilitator.
MDL is a library that proves what Royale is capable, but don't think in it
as the real and main path.

> The point is that IE probably has MS support through 2025.  It will likely
> fade to insignificant numbers among folks who get to choose which browser
> they want to use.  But IE is likely going to live on through 2025 as a
> "terminal" for enterprise mission critical applications.  Otherwise, I
> think MS would have already announced a true phase out of IE.  IMO, Royale
> cannot ignore the "terminal" apps.  That is where Flex was winning back in
> the Adobe days.  Getting a big enterprise Adobe Flex customer who still
> has a Flex app to use Royale in IE would be a huge win for Royale.  But
> again, it doesn't have to be Jewel.  But it might be nice if it looked
> better than just Basic components.
Ok, if IE is so important, we should do something similar to MDL to support
Maybe some parallel css to target that browsers and recreates in some way
how it looks in the rest. Don't know how it works right now, but I'll try
to investigate
and see how this could be possible.

[1] https://getmdl.io/faq/index.html#browser-support
[2] https://github.com/google/material-design-lite/#browser-support

Carlos Rovira

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