I have some experience in convincing management people that are not
technical involved, so I think I'd share my thoughts on this to see if this
help you.
Since 2 weeks is no time, but is clear that going the React/Angular route
will be equal or greater time, you must take a strategy, more over taking
into account that this king of "measurement" are not targeting the real

So my bet will be to take something that "markets" the Royale path. Take
into account that here you must think more as a "seller" that a
"programmer". And you want to show something cool that makes the management
be confident with your proposal.

In this case, you can take JewelExample as a starting point (take a look at
the video in this tweet to see what you get for free [1])

1.- Make a copy/paste of this project and rebrand it with a theme color
that is as close as the colors in your app (there's 12 themes for you to
choose and even you can compile your own).
2.- Change the logo for yours.
3.- Change Navigation data provider to hard coded options that match your
4.- make one or two screens *only* that matches your actual app. This
should not be anything that work 100% even, 30%... just should show a good
looking screen that have most of the controls (lists, buttons, text
inputs....) that shows that the project can be done.

Last, take into account that this is a POC or draft app that will show the
potential of Apache Royale, but it's not something you'll be using far
beyond the meeting. It's just a "marketing tool". Then if management
approves, will be time to take the right path, measure times and go plan
something real.

I save some projects going this route, don't know if can apply to your
case, but think I can share so you can evaluate this idea.

Good Luck! :)

[1] https://twitter.com/carlosrovira/status/1016613483255947264

2018-07-11 8:46 GMT+02:00 chembali <chemb...@hotmail.com>:

> Thank you for the quick response. The management's confidence level is low
> at
> the moment. They are considering ReactJS to move the UI to. I am the
> product
> owner and I strongly believe it is going to take a lot longer to move to
> React. They might get convinced if I can show one simple application screen
> working in JS ( with no Flash Player ) and/or getting one new emulation
> component implemented.  That is my goal. They want to get the html version
> functioning in 6 months with 2 developers. I am struggling to get a head
> start at the moment. If I can get a start and layout a decent plan, then
> they would get convinced.
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