It is surprising that compc appeared to succeed but didn't actually indicate 
that it compiled anything.  But before we dig into that, I want to add my 
thoughts to what Carlos suggested:  We would like you to simply further if 
possible for this two to three week proof-of-concept (POC).

Ideally, you would have a test case so simple that wouldn't use compc at all.  
It would use mxmlc, and reference some of your other library code via 
source-path.  That should compile successfully and produce something you can 
run and show that one screen.  That should work unless your library code has 
heavy reliance on Flash APIs or other 3rd party APIs.

The command-line options you are using are not correct and too heavy for this 
POC.  It looks like you are using the same options you needed for the 
api-report but the goal there was to build a SWF using the Flex SDK but have 
the Royale compiler generate the api-report.  But now that you are trying to 
transpile something simple, you should try to start with a much different set 
of command-line options.  Instead of using a flex-config.xml, you would start 
by using the default, so remove that option.  And then to remove dependencies 
on third-party libraries we haven't emulated yet, I would remove all of the 
other -library-path and -external-library-path options and see which ones you 
absolutely need for this simple POC.  And if you need some of those third-party 
libraries, see if you can comment out the parts that rely on third-party stuff 
for now.  And use mxmlc if you can avoid the need for a SWC.


´╗┐On 7/12/18, 4:19 AM, "chembali" <> wrote:

    I am trying to compile my mxml and action script sources. I am using the
    latest emulation build. So I expect most of my source code to compile
    because of the emulation build that I am compiling against. I expect to see
    compile errors if any of the MX/SPARK components that I am using is not
    emulated ( and no stubs ). I may be wrong. Please correct. 
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