Good to know.  When it failed on Windows, did Maven offer command-line options 
to continue from the point of failure?  Unless all future RMs have Macs, we 
still need to find a way for Windows-only RMs to be successful.


On 8/15/19, 5:12 AM, "Piotr Zarzycki" <> wrote:

    Good news. I tried today again upload artifacts from my Windows machine -
    it failed again. I copied my signed artifacts to my Mac machine which is
    using different internet connection. I'm not sure how it influences all the
    process but I have uploaded artifacts without any problem. I'm moving
    forward with all of that.
    śr., 14 sie 2019 o 18:40 Alex Harui <> napisał(a):
    > Carlos,
    > In [1] that you referenced it says about release branches:
    > "During that time, bug fixes may be applied in this branch (rather than on
    > the develop branch)."
    > To me, that means that new unstable changes should go into develop, but
    > changes to make the release better should be discussed with the RM and
    > committed to the release branch if agreed.  We want to avoid 
    > the develop branch to the release branch if at all possible.
    > -Alex
    > On 8/14/19, 1:58 AM, "Carlos Rovira" <> wrote:
    >     Hi Alex,
    >     El lun., 12 ago. 2019 a las 19:30, Alex Harui
    > (<>)
    >     escribió:
    >     > Also, the other committers should be aware that an RC is being
    > created
    >     > because they see the emails being sent by the CI server and ask the
    > RM to
    >     > agree to accept a commit to the release branch instead of the 
    >     > branch.
    >     AFAIK, we should always commit to dev branch and not to release 
    >     Releases are cut from develop. Only hot-fixes use to be branches that
    > have
    >     commits that fix something important in the release and then use to be
    >     merged back to develop and master. Making commits to release branches
    > could
    >     bring some confusion and problems.
    >     At least from is what I always learnt and used [1]
    >     [1]
    >     --
    >     Carlos Rovira
    Piotr Zarzycki

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