So far so good. I did tweak the script and was able to upload artifacts. I
have changed in each script:
Line from:

<arg value="-Dwagon.fromDir=${artifactfolder}
/artifacts/archive/target/checkout/release-dir" />
<arg value="-Dwagon.fromDir=../../${artifactfolder}
/artifacts/archive/target/checkout/release-dir" />

The very last thing was close repository, so I got some errors you can
check here by logging your Apache handle [1] related to RoyaleUnit [2].

Missing Signature:
does not exist for 'royaleunit-ant-tasks-0.9.6.pom'.

I will try to figure out what has happened, but if someone has any clue to
that let me know.



śr., 14 sie 2019 o 10:58 Carlos Rovira <> napisał(a):

> Hi Alex,
> El lun., 12 ago. 2019 a las 19:30, Alex Harui (<>)
> escribió:
> > Also, the other committers should be aware that an RC is being created
> > because they see the emails being sent by the CI server and ask the RM to
> > agree to accept a commit to the release branch instead of the develop
> > branch.
> AFAIK, we should always commit to dev branch and not to release branch.
> Releases are cut from develop. Only hot-fixes use to be branches that have
> commits that fix something important in the release and then use to be
> merged back to develop and master. Making commits to release branches could
> bring some confusion and problems.
> At least from is what I always learnt and used [1]
> [1]
> --
> Carlos Rovira


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