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    If your folder with artifacts is in  ~/temp/releasesteps - What do you type
    when script asking you about ?
I would type (on a Mac):


There are 3 different Ant targets for Step 003:

- Release_Step_003
- Release_Step_003_Sign
- Release_Step_003_Upload

Each will ask you for a temporary folder.  The assumption is that you will use 
the SAME temporary folder for all 3 steps.  I recommend specifying a folder 
outside the working copy so you don't mess up the working copy.  If you do not 
use the same temporary folder, I could see that causing the problems you are 

The upload problems are "not surprising".  You and others had similar problems 
before which is why I spend so much time revising the release automation.  In 
theory, when it fails, the console output should tell you how to try to 
continue from the point of failure.  The hope is that you will eventually 
succeed after several failures.  I never have any failures.

If you can't get the upload to succeed after several more attempts, then we'll 
look into trying to add a release step to have the Jenkins server do the 
upload.  I think there is some upload sensitivity issue with Nexus, but we 
can't change that.  Other Maven users outside the project report that they 
often have to make several attempts to continue after several failures but 
eventually succeed.


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