Officially closing the vote.  Thanks for the patience everyone.  As mentioned 
in the other vote, this one needed some good discussion and a bit of extra time.

Andy Gumbrecht
David Blevins
Ivan Junckes Filho
Jean-Louis Monteiro
Jonathan Gallimore
Thiago Veronezi

Rudy De Busscher

Mark Struberg
Romain Manni-Bucau

This was intended as a non-technical vote, so I've registered Mark's -1 as he 
intended it.  Thanks, Mark, for the clarification.  Matthew, you didn't vote, 
your participation was quite high -- thank you!  You're more then welcome to 
vote, sir :)

This was a consensus vote to see if there was will keep working on the JWT code 
here and see if it could be made reusable.  We didn't really need this vote to 
accomplish anything other than to see where people's heads are at and make sure 
we're communicating with each other clearly.

It does seem over all that the desire is to take a couple more steps.  This 
vote did not address where the code should live in its final state.  We don't 
really know how reusable anything will be.

I'd probably expect us to take a few more steps, see how things look and come 
back to the "where" topic.


> On Mar 18, 2018, at 5:02 PM, David Blevins <> wrote:
> The vote for merging PR 123 does not address community will on what to do 
> with the code beyond merging it.  One can realistically vote +1 to merge the 
> code, but then desire to see the code cleaned up and moved elsewhere.  One 
> can realistically desire seeing an attempt to clean up the code to find what 
> is reusable and may wish to withhold a final decision until we see how 
> fruitful such a module would be.
> Out of respect for people who may not know exactly how they feel (TomEE or 
> Geronimo), this is a vote for the latter.
> Vote: Should we attempt to extract code from the JWT PR to see what is 
> reusable and how successful such a jar would be?
> +1 Let's give it a shot here
> +-0
> -1 Let's do this elsewhere
> If the vote is +1 to attempt an extraction of reusable code here, final 
> conclusion of if that extraction is worth it or where it should live is not 
> being voted on.  People are welcome to decide differently based on the 
> results of the exercise.
> -David

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