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> Hello,
> On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 12:54 PM, Michael Šimáček <msima...@redhat.com>
> wrote:
>> On 2018-02-13 11:47, Pavel Raiskup wrote:
>>> Sorry, I wanted to CC fedora devel before, forwarding.
>>> Pavel
>>> On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 10:54:55 AM CET Pavel Raiskup wrote:
>>>> Because we are unable to find a consensus on implementation details,
>>>> it's
>>>> likely we'll drop this feature from copr API and it will be probably a
>>>> bit
>>>> more complicated to setup mock chroot for local tests in future (you'll
>>>> need to have builder machine with copr-rpmbuild installed, which brings
>>>> a
>>>> lot more runtime dependencies at least).
>>>>  From user perspective, do you mind if we dropped `copr mock-config`
>>>> command?
>> I didn't know this command existed, but there were multiple times in the
>> past where I wished something like this had been available (It didn't exist
>> back then). It was usually situation like this: "Hi, I'm trying to build
>> $package in $copr and it fails because of $build_tool that you maintain,
>> can you help me?". And since I had no idea how his copr was set up, it took
>> me a lot of time before I was able to reproduce the problem. So, I would
>> find the feature useful, especially in instances outside Fedora, which
>> usually have more complex configurations.
>> If it had to be dropped, I'd appreciate if copr could display the
>> configuration of given project for non-owners. That way it would be easier
>> to construct my own config, without trying to guess stuff based on the logs.
> First, thanks for your input. This is very useful information for us.
> Next, I would like to ask if it was ok to put all the functionality about
> build-testing and building itself into just a single package:
> copr-rpmbuild. I think having things on just one place can help us focus on
> doing them really well and as the copr-rpmbuild tool is already responsible
> for building, I think it would be a perfect place to add additional
> build-debugging functionality like printing-out/dumping mock configs,
> enablement to run just a part of the build process, possibility to enter
> the build environment interactively etc. Would this be alright?

I need to add that with this tool you really need to know _what_ you are
building to be on the safe side. It is similar to running rpmbuild locally
(unless you are really just dumping mock configs).

> Thank you again for your feedback
> Michal
>> Michael
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