>>>>> "DPB" == Daniel P Berrangé <berra...@redhat.com> writes:

DPB> I'm suggesting committing actual changes.  Creating several 1000
DPB> pull requests is just as much a burden on maintainers as expecting
DPB> them to edit several 1000 specs themselves.

I welcome automatic changes to the packages I maintain, but even then I
still prefer to do the work myself when I can because it keeps me in
touch with some of the packages that I don't often have to mess with
often.  And communication is good, so...

The reasonable thing to do is to send an announcement and let people
who want to do the work themselves do that, then run the tests again and
send another announcement.  After a couple of iterations, the people who
are going to fix things themselves will have done so, and then you can
get down to automatic cleanup.

If an automatic cleanup is possible and is going to have a low chance of
causing problems, then you just run it.  If it's not possible, not
simple, or can't be done with a low chance of side effects then it's PR
time and eventually it will be bugzilla ticket filing time.

This is pretty much what I expect to do when I get down to the useless
%defattr calls, and the Group: tags, and whatever else we decide we want
to clean up.  None of these cleanups are so urgent that they have to get
done by some rapidly approaching deadline; there's no reason to rush
this process.

 - J<
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