On 04/04/18 18:21, James Hogarth wrote:
Can we please get some consistency here?

I noted today that firewalld has dropped python2-firewall but of course ansible isn't switching to py3 for the controller (and therefore local) until F29 and not all python modules are py3 compatible yet... and of course we ship firewalld as our firewall in fedora.

This means that in F28 you can't just `yum  install ansible python-firewall` and do ansible localhost -m firewalld and have it work.

Worse is if you bump into a module not ported yet and then you have a split of python versions and playbooks required.

Is there some list of packages Ansible depends on?
I'd can to add the list to portingdb, so we could warn people about the implications of dropping subpackages. Currently we use RPM deps, so the needs of Ansible clients are invisible.

Naturally there's no technical reason to drop the library in F28 and there's no Change filed for it.

It's the maintainer's decision, as with any RPM.
Has anyone communicated to the firewalld maintainer that Ansible depends on the package? Again, a maintainer can't very well notice a "soft dependency", unless they use Ansible themselves.

We at least need a "common bugs" with all the python2-* libraries being dropped in F28 and really they shouldn't be going without a Change.
> For a "soft despondency" like firewalld I'd argue that it shouldn't drop
until F29 when ansible goes py3 by default (it has a Change filed to that effect).

To be clear I'm 100% comfortable with python2 being dropped in the proposed timescale... but let's do it sensibly and not have it surprise people.
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