On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 11:18:13AM +0200, Petr Viktorin wrote:
> On 04/04/18 18:21, James Hogarth wrote:
> [...]
> >Can we please get some consistency here?
> >
> >I noted today that firewalld has dropped python2-firewall but of
> >course ansible isn't switching to py3 for the controller (and
> >therefore local) until F29 and not all python modules are py3
> >compatible yet... and of course we ship firewalld as our firewall
> >in fedora.
> >
> >This means that in F28 you can't just `yum  install ansible
> >python-firewall` and do ansible localhost -m firewalld and have it
> >work.
> >
> >Worse is if you bump into a module not ported yet and then you
> >have a split of python versions and playbooks required.
> Is there some list of packages Ansible depends on?
> I'd can to add the list to portingdb, so we could warn people about
> the implications of dropping subpackages. Currently we use RPM deps,
> so the needs of Ansible clients are invisible.
> >Naturally there's no technical reason to drop the library in F28
> >and there's no Change filed for it.
> It's the maintainer's decision, as with any RPM.
> Has anyone communicated to the firewalld maintainer that Ansible
> depends on the package? Again, a maintainer can't very well notice a
> "soft dependency", unless they use Ansible themselves.

I think it's just something that a maintainer should know —
how users actually use the package they are maintaining.
Removing a python subpackage should be handled similarly to any other
removal, for example of an executable or certain functionality from an
executable. Get a rough idea of what will be impacted, and reach out
to users about the change.

immediately gives a list of packages that should be checked.
I don't have an inkling where python-firewall would be used, but
for packages that I maintain, I have at least a general idea, and
then it's much easier to search.

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