I want to publicly express my appreciation for Miro's efforts to
enforce our policy and his willingness to take the hits from people
being rightly upset at its flaws. I also appreciate that the community
has done a good job of understanding that the policy is the problem
and not making it a personal attack on Miro.

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 12:24 PM Jason L Tibbitts III <ti...@math.uh.edu> wrote:
> >>>>> "MH" == Miro Hrončok <mhron...@redhat.com> writes:
> MH> If we stop here, the current "setting to ASSIGNED to stop this"
> MH> remains a problem.
> Let's think about why this is perceived as a problem.  The maintainer
> has performed an affirmative act that shows they noticed.  Can't we just
> accept that as some statement of intent and stop bugging them at that
> point?

This is a reasonable compromise to make, IMO. In a perfect world, we'd
have enough active packagers to handle things in a timely manner. But
in this world, people have a lot going on and there's only so much we
can do. People setting a bug to ASSIGNED is a problem I'm willing to
accept. If there's an exceptional case, we can say FESCo has the
ability to step in and remove it. We should assume positive intent
with maintainers and trust that they're doing the right thing.

Ben Cotton
He / Him / His
Fedora Program Manager
Red Hat
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