>>>>> "GH" == Gerald Henriksen <ghenr...@gmail.com> writes:

GH> On the other hand, unbuildable packages could be viewed as a
GH> security risk.

I mentioned security explicitly in my message.  Just not in the portion
you quoted.

GH> If you can't just fix the security issue and rebuild, but instead
GH> have to also fix the issue(s) that prevent the package from
GH> rebuilding this could cause delays in getting a security update out.

I mean, nothing currently guarantees that security fixes go out in a
timely manner, for all sorts of reasons.  If we're going to get serious
about reducing that time, I would think there's a more productive way to
do that than dumping all FTBFS packages because they _might_ one day
have a security issue that needs fixing.  But yes, certainly dump all
that have open security bugs.

 - J<
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