On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 1:33 PM Adam Williamson <adamw...@fedoraproject.org>

> Or just fix it so it damn well builds. Even if *you* don't need to use
> it. I mean, is it so hard? I get *itchy* if I have an FTBFS bug on one
> of my packages for three days. I can't imagine letting one sit there
> for six months!

I don't like it either but I have to admit my free cycles have been much
fewer as of late both for personal and professional reasons.

Perhaps a partial solution is encouraging people to ask for help. Sure it's
easy to post to the devel list but sometimes it's difficult to admit you
need help :)

I am sometimes guilty of beating my head against the wall to fix something.
I usually can in the long run and I have learned a lot doing it but
sometimes it would be better if things got fixed more quickly.

Just thinking out loud but perhaps some sort of flag in bugzilla that says
"If you know how to fix this please do!"

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