Richard Shaw wrote:
> Perhaps a partial solution is encouraging people to ask for help. Sure
> it's easy to post to the devel list but sometimes it's difficult to admit
> you need help :)

IMHO, it should be the job of those people who broke the packages to fix 
them. E.g., if yet another incompatible GCC update breaks dozens of C and/or 
C++ packages, it should be up to the GCC maintainers to make them build 
again. If some policy change requires a specfile update (e.g., the addition 
of explicit BuildRequires: gcc-c++), it should be up to the people who 
mandated the policy change to do this update (which was at least partially 
done in the aforementioned example, but there were still dozens of packages 
left to the individual package maintainers to fix for various reasons). The 
current situation where you can break hundreds of packages and then expect 
somebody else to fix them is really antisocial and unfair.

        Kevin Kofler
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