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>> Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2019 12:42:02 PM
>> Subject: Re: Let's revisit the FTBFS policy
>> On 15. 08. 19 12:06, Vít Ondruch wrote:
>>> At the end, if somebody cares about such cases, it should not be hard to
>>> discover and act upon them, i.e. bugging the maintainer, fixing them,
>>> taking over the maintenance etc.
>> This part is problematic. Because it requires human action that can be seen
>> as
>> toxic by some.
> Only if they're present to notice. In the end, they're late and it was fixed 
> for them, or at least someone cares for their work, so they should be... 
> grateful?
>>  > According to compose report from 20190811 [1], I guess it was ~570
>>  > packages. How many of them had associated FTBFS BZs in "ASSIGNED" state
>>  > and for which version of Fedora? This would be interesting statistics to
>>  > know. My guess is that it was 100 BZs at most, but probably much lower
>>  > number.
>> "for which version of Fedora" doesn't apply really. Most of the bugs were
>> just
>> "rawhide" since the latest rawhide -> 30 only happened partially.
>> The status data should be visible in Bugzilla, however no idea how to query
>> them
>> grammatically:
>>   - get CLOSED EOL bugzillas blocking the F30FTBFS tracker
> This should be it:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_id=1674516&bug_id_type=anddependson&bug_status=CLOSED&list_id=10414793&query_format=advanced&resolution=EOL

So this lists 656 components for F30.

There are 16 components for F29:


>>   - fetch their previous state
>>           (this is visible in the bug, but no idea how to query it)
> Sorry, I have no idea for this one.

Ah, you beat me to do this:

F30 - 41 components:


F29 - 2 components:


F28 - 25 components: 


Interestingly enough, some people who complains the most about the
process are too busy to even switch the component to assigned ...


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