On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 1:32 PM David Tardon <dtar...@redhat.com> wrote:
 > And yes, it means that people are going to be _bothered_, and
> > _pressured_ on figuring out the best way to collaborate. But isn't it
> > our job?
> No, that's not what your proposal implies. Instead, people are going to
> be bothered and pressured to accept the _only_ way to collaborate: put
> conditionals into their spec.

I think you are making a bit of a straw-man argument here. Aleksandra
didn't say at any time that only conditionals would be accepted.
(Indeed, she recommended that the ideal situation is for us to avoid
conditionals where possible and instead use Recommends: for things
that are not strict requirements. This would benefit Fedora as well,
since people could trim their installs down to their needs.)

> > And again, if you make it easier for downstream to work with Fedora,
> > you give downstream the reasons to bring their resources. Things like
> > quality assurance and help with bug triage and bug fixes, things like
> > cross-project feature development. This is a two-way collaboration
> > effort.
> Do you suggest that RH maintainers, who have mostly their hands full
> maintaining _their_ packages, are going to start maintaining _more_
> packages? I find that highly unlikely.

No, she didn't say that at all. She said that maintainers who are
already doing this work internally to Red Hat would have an
opportunity (and encouragement from their employer) to move that work
to Fedora instead, so that the wider community can take advantage.
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