On Tue, 2020-06-30 at 17:48 +0200, Vitaly Zaitsev via devel wrote:
> On 30.06.2020 15:25, Ben Cotton wrote:
> > Better thermal management and peak performance on Intel CPUs by
> > including thermald in the default install.
> Good, but thermald is absolutely useless without configs. Configs can be
> extracted from DPTF ACPI tables only with *proprietary* dptfextract utility.

But, this is not true in general and we can expect further improvements
in the near future. It will not help in all situations, but there are
situations where users will see improved performance. One example of
this is for example an improved peak-performance on pre-Kabylake
systems (I am looking into finding further examples).

So, it is true that thermald will throw around quite a few warnings at
startup (it seems to warn about anything it probes and cannot find).
But that does not imply that it is always useless. It does for example
use information from the PPCC tables even if it does not have any
configuration. These power limits are exported by the kernel in

Also, some reverse engineering work has been happening. This means that
it is possible to improve thermald to get at least some of the benefits
of a DPTF based configuration without needing dptfxtract. This is
currently still work in progress, however, upstream is planning to
merge this work once it has been cleaned up sufficiently.

i.e. at this point we can fully expect to get improved thermal
management based on the DPTF tables without dptfxtract.

> Also Fedora cannot ship extracted by dptfextract configs due to their
> legal status.

The idea to ship those configurations separately has been dropped from
the proposal.


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