On Sun, Jul 12, 2020 at 5:33 PM Tom Seewald <tseew...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > What changes?
> I don't see a reason for this level of snark, in your next paragraph you 
> described the changes I'm talking about.
> > Discussion is happening upstream to determine the best location for
> > such optimization to happen.
> I'm glad work is happening upstream and I hope it goes smoothly, but I don't 
> see how there is a guarantee that everything will be done in time for Fedora 
> 33. I'm not implying people aren't working on it, I'm suggesting that reality 
> often doesn't go exactly as envisioned.
> > (open)SUSE has been doing this for six years, I don't think it's
> > correct to suggest these complexities aren't well understood, or that
> > it's possible they won't happen for Fedora 33.
> On one hand you're saying that all complexities are well understood and that 
> it is incorrect of me to suggest that any of those changes could miss F33's 
> release date. Yet on the other hand you mention that openSUSE has used btrfs 
> by default for 6 years, so then why haven't these changes landed upstream 
> years ago? Further, you stated that for databases it's not yet clear when/if 
> nodatacow is a performance win. This suggests that it is not outlandish to 
> say there are remaining complexities.

They did arrive in upstream YaST, and they can go in upstream
Anaconda. (open)SUSE do this in their installer. We can do the same.
The question is whether it's better to do these things elsewhere.

Chris Murphy
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