Hey Chris,

Awesome, thanks for testing!

On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Chris Marshall

> * The display update seems to be by continuous stroke:
>  XO #1 user draws a curve not lifting pen.  After the stylus
>  is lifted from the tablet the stroke updates on XO #2.

That's intentional, for network performance reasons.   I didn't want to try
to create a realtime network application given the potential for shaky
wireless.  The painting algorithm is written in terms of strokes anyway so
it would be very inefficient to try to paint two strokes simultaneously on
one XO.

If you have a friend available, I'd love to hear how it holds up over a
Jabber server with both people scribbling simultaneously :)

* The mouse would need to be moved on the other XO for the
>  screen updates to propagate.

That's *not* intentional, sounds like another side effect of the idling
change (to reduce battery usage)!

* The colors and brush parameters are common to both XOs
>  although the display of the settings widget (color and
>  brush type) did not update with changes from the other
>  side.

Also not intentional, sounds like a bug!  Each XO should have its own brush

* Erasing the screen was only an option on XO #1 (the inviter)
>  *but* the clear screen did not propagate to the other XOs
>  so further drawing on XO #1 was not in sync with the images
>  on XO #2.  Suggest that clear image be propagated with the
>  option to do a local save to Journal on XO #2 so that work
>  is not lost if they wish to keep it.

The erase should be propagated.  Good idea regarding the option to keep,
I'll see if it can be done (the receiving XO would have to queue canvas
updates until the Alert was cleared - Sugar doesn't really provide for modal

* It would be really cool if each XO had its own pointer with
>  brush/palette/... options.  One mode that would be nice
>  might be a sort of side-by-side version where each XO would
>  be able to draw its own part of the screen (by mask, not
>  necessarily by rectangle) so the students could work on a
>  joint drawing.

Yeah, that's definitely how it's intended to be!   It was designed such that
both users can paint anywhere at the same time using different brushes, but
that the strokes appear in a consistent order on both XOs.

* A mural mode would be excellent with a large virtual
>  drawing area and each XO able to pan around and draw
>  wherever....

Good idea!  As of v11 the painting canvas can be arbitrarily sized (it used
to be locked at 1/2x the window size), so it might be smart to add a "change
canvas size" option now.

* The mouse drawing problem was also visible in collaboration.

Yep, this is a global bug- I'm waiting to release the next version publicly
until it and a few other things are fixed.

Thanks again for the reports Chris, it's amazingly useful (and motivating)!

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