The sound of 5 of our 100 XOs doesn't work anymore.
The hardware test is okay (sound works), but all the sugar activities I 
tested (Scratch, TamTamMini, Speak, Gcompris) don't have sound. 
Rebooting the XO doesn't help.

I checked the sugar log files and /var/log/messages, but couldn't find 
any sound related warnings or errors.

We are running build 767, but I have seen the same problem with build 
708 (but not that often).
Reinstalling the OS solves the problem, but I would prefer an easier 

I checked if such a bug is reported, but couldn't find a ticket (the 
sound resume problem of ticket 6201 is normally solved with a reboot). 
Since I don't know how to reproduce the problem, I would like to 
localize it before opening a ticket.
What can I do to localize the problem (e.g. low level sound tests)?

Is it possible that running out of battery while playing sound can have 
such an effect or could it be related to the resume problem of ticket 
6201 (we had that problem very often with Scratch when the experimental 
power management was switched on )?

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