How to fix "no sound" caused by operating system.

1.  obtain the root prompt, e.g. by starting the Terminal activity and
clicking on become root button,

2.  if you wish to find out in which way the settings have been
corrupted, copy the file /etc/asound.state before proceeding,

        cp /etc/asound.state /home/olpc/asound.state.orig

3.  obtain a copy of /etc/asound.state from a working XO, or from a
reinstalled XO, and place it in /etc/asound.state on the failed XO,

4.  restore the settings from the file,

        alsactl restore

5.  test that sound now works.

Note: there is a possibility that the build 767 ALSA saved state file is
in some other place.  I've not checked.  I found out where the file was
on Joyride 2612 using a command:

        strace -e open alsactl restore

James Cameron
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