On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 09:22:17AM +0700, Philipp Kocher wrote:
> It seems like always the same 7 values are wrong.

Which 7 values?

> 1. Copy /etc/alsa/asound.state of a "healthy" XO to USB flash drive

Okay, so it is in /etc/alsa on those builds?  Are you sure that file is
in use?  On the build I'm using, there is a file in
/etc/alsa/asound.state that is not updated, as well as one in
/etc/asound.state .  (I would have thought /var would have been more

Your process has two steps and requires a working XO.  I think it is
even simpler to

        alsactl -f /dev/null restore

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