What is the ticket number for that problem?

It seems like always the same 7 values are wrong.

There is a shorter solution:
1. Copy /etc/alsa/asound.state of a "healthy" XO to USB flash drive
2. Type "alsactl -f /media/{flash_dirve_name}/asound.state restore" on 
the XO with no sound


qu...@laptop.org wrote:
> How to fix "no sound" caused by operating system.
> 1.  obtain the root prompt, e.g. by starting the Terminal activity and
> clicking on become root button,
> 2.  if you wish to find out in which way the settings have been
> corrupted, copy the file /etc/asound.state before proceeding,
>       cp /etc/asound.state /home/olpc/asound.state.orig
> 3.  obtain a copy of /etc/asound.state from a working XO, or from a
> reinstalled XO, and place it in /etc/asound.state on the failed XO,
> 4.  restore the settings from the file,
>       alsactl restore
> 5.  test that sound now works.
> Note: there is a possibility that the build 767 ALSA saved state file is
> in some other place.  I've not checked.  I found out where the file was
> on Joyride 2612 using a command:
>       strace -e open alsactl restore
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