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> Mitch Bradley <w...@laptop.org> writes:
> > [...]  It's also worth pointing out that the new low-power x86
> > processors, Atom being the poster child, are still stuck with
> > power-hungry support chips - memory and display controllers.  That
> > might change "soon", but for now it's still the case.  [...]
> According to the ACPI battery gauges under Fedora 10, my Fujitsu U820
> UMPC (Atom Z530, Poulsbo GMA500 MCH/graphics) takes around 6W *total*
> during light webby operations.
> This is probably correct:

(copy paste from other thread)The Atom draws very little power. I already
referred that there is an Atom that has a 0.65W TDP, not 3.whatever like in
the Geode LX. These are the Z series and they draw very little power, top of
2.4W for the 1866MHz model. The other low-end chip(also $20), the Z510, has
a TDP of 2W - any one of these can run without an "heatsink", mostly a small
metal plate that allows the silicon core to dissipate heat, since it's a
fliped-chip design. The Z500 is obviously very very good for embedded
The Z series use a lower power CMOS bus, instead of the power hungry GTL+,
which when paired with Poulsbo it should make for a remarkable package. The
next iteration will also have the graphics core and some other stuff
embedded, for further savings.

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