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> Nirbheek Chauhan wrote:
>> Since you're looking at making a gentoo-based sugar distro, you might
>> find http://gitorious.org/projects/sugar-gentoo useful :)
> Please update http://sugarlabs.org/go/Community/Distributions/Gentoo , which
> lists a similar overlay project
> <http://git.overlays.gentoo.org/gitweb/?p=proj/sugar.git> by Aleksey Lim.
>  Maybe you could mention differences or work together.

I've talked with Aleksey, and _some_ code sharing is doable. However,
the approach of the two overlays is completely perpendicular
(automagic ebuilds using jhconvert vs manual ebuilds), and so one
cannot replace the other.

Also, my overlay currently consists of only live git ebuilds (ie, they
fetch and install from git instead of releases), and release ebuilds
are blocking on a number of things including
http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/120 . Once these problems are handled,
I'll update the aforementioned page.

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> ... with its patented "top-post and include the entire message thread with
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Yeah, it sucks. gmail for mobile doesn't show the rest of the thread,
and top-posts without mercy <_<

~Nirbheek Chauhan
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