A patch isn't really appropriate but generally speaking I:

- Followed Mitch Bradley's instructions for tar-ing /dev.
- Replaced the initrd with a 3 liner using busybox that just mounts  
NAND and calls switch_root.  This involved undoing all the version  
stuff in the filesystem.
- Replaced rc.sysinit with a 30 line script that starts the services I  
want and mounts the required points.
- Removed the entire SYSV runlevel system.

I was learning about all this stuff as I did it, but it still didn't  
take that long.  And I have a lot of plans to make it even faster.

A few things don't work right, like I'm still trying to figure out why  
there are no network interfaces...But If anyone would like to see the  
scripts I'd be happy to share them.


On Feb 2, 2009, at 9:41 PM, "C. Scott Ananian" <csc...@laptop.org>  

> 2009/2/2 Wade Brainerd <wad...@gmail.com>:
>> take better advantage of the excellent hardware that is the XO-1.   
>> I'd
>> really like to see someone try to build a tiny LFS based XO  
>> specific distro
>> which runs Sugar, and boots in <30sec :)  I've got my personal XO  
>> booting in
>> around 45sec just by hacking around in the initscripts, and I'm  
>> sure a lot
>> better could be done.
> Patches?
> --scott
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