Hi Peter,

   > I wanted to put it to the lists and get some feedback, with the
   > plans on basing the 9.1.0 release on Fedora 11 I think we need to
   > have a testing stream based on rawhide so that we can start testing
   > core OS related bits and dealing with them sooner rather than
   > later.

Totally agreed.  The reason I haven't pushed to set up nightly builds is
that right now Rawhide *doesn't boot* on the XO.  I think energy should
probably be aimed at fixing that before we start setting up nightlies.

I pinged Jeremy earlier in the week, he didn't have any strong ideas
about what's wrong.  I should retry with latest Rawhide in case
something's been fixed recently..


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <c...@laptop.org>
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