I wrote:
> I've ported the patch to upstart's bzr trunk (it applies cleanly to
> 0.5.0), and scratch-built some rpms:
> https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=1106475
> The patch is here, along with the srpm and spec file:
> http://dev.laptop.org/~bobbyp/upstart/
> Of note, I had to add dbus-devel to BuildRequries, as upstart seems
> now to need it.  I haven't had a chance to test the rpms, hopefully
> tomorrow.

so I've tested and updated the RPMs, spec file and patch, which are
available at:

They don't work!  First thing to notice is that I cut down the
olpc-init patch a lot.  The third section of the original patch was
for a file that doesn't exist (and wasn't renamed as far as I can
tell, I've greped a fair amount for its content).  So I originally had
left the first part in, but the image created with it gave the
following error when init was first called:
init: Unhandled Error: Address already in use

Now, with just the pid snarfing part in main.c, Upstart seems to hang
without giving any messages.  None of the other Fedora patches have
been applied (it seems as if the devel branch of upstart in Fedora CVS
is a work in progress, to say the least), so unless anyone here has
insight, getting them to apply seems like the next logical step.

I can make my non-booting rawhide image available if anyone is
interested.  What I did was to run 'sudo make' on the puritan rawhide
branch, wait for it to finish, chroot into
$(CHROOT)/versions/pristine/767 and run 'rpm -Uvh
delete r/wrap*, then rerun 'sudo make'.

Someone with more knowledge of sockets, upstart and Fedora's patches
to it, and the init process might have better luck or be able to help
me out :)  If we can figure this out, I would be glad to help get as
much of this as possible upstreamed (as well as into the F11 upstart


(I'll be out of town till Tuesday, so I probably won't be able to work
on this again 'till then)
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