On Wed, 2009-02-04 at 15:05 -0500, Chris Ball wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
>    > I've been playing with booting fedora on the XO, mostly with
>    > anaconda (F9/F10) to be able to run an install on the XO itself for
>    > the XS. I'll try to boot the F11 kernel/installer when one is
>    > available, it looks like there are issues building anaconda atm,
>    > there is no isolinux directory on the mirrors...
>    > Perhaps someone could shed some light on the issues with rawhide
>    > that were uncovered thus far. Is there a tracker somewhere?
> F10 boots, but here's what happens when I try to boot Rawhide:
> http://dev.laptop.org/~cjb/f11-boot
> Thanks,
> - Chris.

kernel commandline: root=mtd0 rootfstype=jffs2 liveimg console=tty0 console=tty2

If your booting the live image shouldn't the root= line be something like:
root=LABEL=<device label>... You could use the device name also: root=/dev/mtd0

Have a look at the mkliveinitrd part of mkinitrd at:
Without the /dev part the init script will not have anything to match the root= 
in the "case $root in" part of the init file, resulting in the udev rules not 
getting created 
for the /dev/root symlink.

Hoping that is the fix,


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