Coming back to your question...

I'd look for a tool we not only can use for the release process, but may be 
able to get an oversight of where are we standing at any given point in time (= 
whenever we want to see it, we get the state as it is at that point. No time 
travel). looks like a good template. It just 
would need to be ported from D...

I worked with GitHub API in the past and could tinker on a dashboard 
(read-only) after I am finished with the homepage...
Bugzilla has an API, too. Login could be done with GitHub as auth provider 
later in the process.

For those links: I personally prefer the issues view. The milestone feature is 
only interesting insofar as a progress bar is displayed in the issue view.

I'd advise against the wiki, as it sounds like manual work to keep it 
If you need some checkboxes, use GFM's task list syntax:

Kind regards


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with a 4th view:

- "bare" view with issues (with labels):
- the "new release" milestone:
- as Kanban board (used more or less correctly, but pretty nice):
- a simple "Wiki" page(s):

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