Hi there,

so on https://github.com/Sabayon/sabayon-website-next/pull/75/
I've added links to stable ISOs, but they point to 17.03 - can somebody push 
the 18.04 ones? I didn't found newer ones on the German mirror.

Aside of that I restructured a bit of the download section and added a forecast 
subsection about Greeter and Calamares.

Can we push the ISO, adjust the article and publish it this evening?

I'm out for dinner now and will come back online afterwards. See you in about 
two hours!


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sorry, busy month. I can look into the Release Notes this evening (CEST). Can 
somebody send me the link to the stable ISO I shall include in the release 



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> The part in release notes about ARM is not true by the way. I
> recompiled/updated almost the entire ARM repo, it is almost good to go.

I removed this part and made further changes.

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