> Hi there,
> so on https://github.com/Sabayon/sabayon-website-next/pull/75/
> I've added links to stable ISOs, but they point to 17.03 - can somebody push 
> the 18.04 ones? I didn't found newer ones on the German mirror.

For actually doing the release, AFAIK we're waiting for Ettore.

Maybe you could make some generic link instead? How was it done in the past?

Here are points from Joost in case you want to elaborate on the
"forecast" section:

- several packages moved to Community Repositories
- moving to Calamares planned
- (quote:)

> the wallpaper is based on the golden ration, by da vinci, so is the motto
> *golden ratio
> but I guess that is not worth to mention

- more uniform look and feel planned in another release
- significant infra improvements on the way

And a note from myself:
- Entropy is getting some improvements (not in this release yet).

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