The main reason I posted to devs is because I have not received one single 
response (until this one), for any issue I've posted in over 6 months - not 
one. I was concerned either nobody was getting my requests or that I everyone 
was just ignoring me due to my previous comments.

I just wanted to make sure that I was actually being received, but I guess I 
would get about this response if I was.

I realize this is community support, but I've even offered to pay someone for 
support and got zero takers. We depend on this Wiki as it's the only one out 
there that really fits our needs. Thanks for responding. I'll wait and see if 
any responds to my current issue.

Keith Davis (214) 906-5183 - I.T. Director

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Hi Keith,

I suggest you read again the description of this mailing list from . I think your 
question is related to the usage of XWiki not to its development. But before 
you re-post your question to the users mailing list, you should read . You'll see that the 
community support does not guarantee a response time and it works on a 
give-give basis. 3 days is not a long time, especially since there was a 
weekend in between.

I hope you understand,

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 2:22 PM, Keith Davis <>

> It's very hard to manage this application with zero support. Am I 
> blacklisted or what? I haven't received input on a single support 
> issue since I complained about the release notes issue (which 
> strangely enough seems to be being worked on now).
> Keith Davis (214) 906-5183 - I.T. Director
> From: Keith Davis
> Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 11:54 AM
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> Subject: Nested Pages - Search Links Not Working
> So we are now starting to change all of the our pages to Nested. When 
> linking to Nested pages in the page themselves, the links appear like 
> this in the WYSIWYG editor:
> [[Tickets>>Main.Intranet.Tickets<http://Home.Intranet.Tickets>]]
> but when saved are converted to this:
> <a href="/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Intranet/Tickets/">Tickets</a>
> However, Search results are broken. They appear like this:
> [cid:image005.jpg@01D20F61.C86FF330]
> Those do not work as the link Main.Intranet.Tickets takes me to this page:
> [cid:image006.jpg@01D20F61.C86FF330]
> I've tried re-indexing, but that does not help.
> Keith Davis - MCSA, ZCE
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