On Tuesday, 30 July 2013 at 15:47:29 UTC, Meta wrote:
It's a good "why should I care about D" article. I frequent Hacker News, and one thing that seems to get people really hyped about a language is "Getting Things Done", as well as all the functional programming hype.

That was the reason why I wrote this short article. To share my own experience and to show people that it is a "real world" language that helps to solve real problems. Benchmarking and feature comparison alone will never convince people, because the first question is usually along the lines of "What can the language do for me? Is it easy? I don't want to spend much time learning a new language!" Then they ask if there are any useful libraries (C interfacing) and if it's portable. Nobody wants to write the code more than once. Part of Java's and later Android's success was exactly this.

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