Andrei Alexandrescu, el  2 de August a las 10:16 me escribiste:
> On 2013-08-02 15:44:13 +0000, Leandro Lucarella said:
> >I'm not say is right or wrong for people to have this reflex of thinking
> >about multipliers, I'm just saying if you care about transmitting the
> >message as clear as you can, is better to use numbers everybody can
> >intuitively think about.
> >
> >And this is in reply to Andrei too. I understand your POV, but if your
> >main goal is communication (instead of education about side topics),
> >I think is better to stick with numbers and language that minimizes
> >confusion and misinterpretations.
> >
> >Just a humble opinion of yours truly.
> Fair enough. So what would have been a better way to convey the
> quantitative improvement?

Reduced execution time by half?

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