On Sunday, 25 August 2013 at 19:11:52 UTC, Dicebot wrote:
Greetings to fellow Arch Linux users - quite a lot of stuff has
happened there recently in relation to D and this should sum it

Some changes may have not been synchronised to all mirrors yet,
so please wait a bit before reporting :)


1) After long period of bothering him with package change
proposals previous D maintainer, Sven-Hendrik Haase, decided to
transfer responsibilities for their maintenance to me. After
formal voting I have been added to Trusted User list with
intention to take care of anything D-related in Arch Linux.

2) `gdc` package has been added to the [community]. It uses 4.8.1 branch to match gcc version in Arch repositories. I know this one is relatively old and hope to fix this one day with Iain's help ;)

3) All D compilers now have common naming/path convention.
     - libphobos.a
     - liblphobos.a
     - libgphobos.a

     - /usr/include/dlang/dmd
     - /usr/include/dlang/ldc
     - /usr/include/dlang/gdc/{gcc-version}

4) Four package groups has been defined: 'dlang', 'dlang-dmd',
'dlang-ldc', 'dlang-gdc'. Those can used as install/remove
targets for pacman to get full development stack.

5) More preparations for shared library support. `libphobos`
package currently contains only libphobos.so (with fixed SONAME)
and is intended to be used as a dependency for user applications.
Static library and import sources are available via
`libphobos-devel`. GDC and LDC currently have only "-devel"
versions of phobos as they don't seem to provide share one (I
will be happy to add one if I am wrong).

6) `dtools` package now also provides DustMite!

                Sources & bug reports

I am inevitably going to screw something at at some point and you
will inevitably want to make a tweaked versions of official
packages in AUR.

Official Arch Linux stuff:
     [community] bug tracker:
     packaging script sources:

However, I do prefer git/Github for development and exact mirror
can be found here (together with my AUR packages):

Both accepting pull requests and checking for bug reports there.

                Adding new D packages


"Only "popular" packages may enter the repo, as defined by 1%
usage from pkgstats or 10 votes on the AUR."

Yes, that is correct. I have a legitimate reasons to move any D
package from AUR to [community] once it reaches 10 votes. Please
don't forget to vote! At least tools like `dub` and `dstep`, in
my opinion, are prime candidates for inclusion ;)

If there are any D packages that match that criteria and I have
missed it - please, ping me via pub...@dicebot.lv or on IRC
(Dicebot @ irc.freenode.net)


This might be the final straw that takes me over to Arch.

How are things over on that side of linux? I've been using
ubuntu/lubuntu/fedora/mint on various machines for years but
never really tried out the more DIY distros.

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